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Glass fiber mat GFM

Glass fiber mat GFM

The manufacturing process of glass fiber mat is similar to paper production process. Glass fiber mat is a rolled-up material made of chaotically placed, synthetically-bound mono-fibers, reinforced with a lengthwise-interwoven glass thread. It provides a permanent reinforcement of bitumen surfaces, improves their dimensional stability, protects roofs from rot (due to not being subject to biological degradation) and improves water resistance (due to being water non-absorbent).

We offer glass fiber mat with grammages from 40g/m2 to 120 g/m2, reinforced with glass threads placed every 25mm.


  • impervious to weather conditions (UV radiation)

  • flexible and stretch-resistant

  • porosity of the glass fiber mat facilitates impregnation

  • highly chemically-resistant

  • highly water, corrosion and fire resistant