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MPET Release Film

MPET release film is used in self-adhesive felts. MPET release film is an anti-adhesive film that is removed during felt laying. MPET release film is one-side silicone coated.
MPET release film is a mixture of PE, PP and other additives, resulting in an increased resistance to oil and high temperatures. The film may be embossed or may feature a print to the customer’s specification.

FMPET Release Film

Technical properties Value for type
Thickness, micron 39
Density, g/m2 35
Width, mm 1 060
Heat resistance, C 140-150
Colour black and grey
Tension, N/10 mm
Longitudinal ≥10.0
Transversal ≥8.0
Elongation, %
Longitudinal ≥300
Transversal ≥200
Peel strenght, g/inch ≤30
Ageing pell strenght, g/inch ≤50
Residual Rate for silicon oil, % ≥75
Quantity per 1 truck, sqm 343 000
Application To use as a peel-off release film at the bottom side of the self adhesive bitumen waterproofing membranes.