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Cardboard B

Cardboard is widely used as warp in traditional and oxidized felts. Cardboard warp-based felts are used primarily in the construction of basic water protection installation, as well as constructing new and renovating old roofing.
We offer cardboard in grammages from 180 g/m2 to 420 g/m2.


  • Durability

  • Excellent flexibility

  • Tensile strength

  • Resistance to physical, chemical and environmental

Cardboard B

Basic materials B-180 B-230 B-280 B-320
Reel width, mm 1 000 +/- 5
Grammage 1m2, g/m2/td> 180+4-2 230+6-2 280+4-5 320+10-4
Humidity 6-6,5
Saturation capacity (kreosene), min 100-105
Breaking force, kgf, min 23,4-28 23,4-29,7 25,74-28,38 23,4-29,7
Holes, cracks, tears, folder plates, and other defects at the butt ends and at the sides of the rolls Are not allowed
Process of manufacturing Cardboard is manufactured in reels by machining process of the secondary materials: wastepaper and secondary textile.
Composition 100% mechanically derived fibres
Layers Single-layer
Storage conditions To keep with +5 till +30 and relative moisture 50-70%